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Startup co-creation

We bring market leaders together to create scalable business models leveraging innovative products. Our methodology has four steps: due diligence, build, launch and scale. By combining the business and data expertise of corporates with Quantmetry's high-level data science skills, Anova co-finances, and co-constructs AI startups.


Inspired by the best practices in venture capital, Anova offers its corporate clients a methodology for carrying out ambitious projects.

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Co-creation Methodology

1. Due Diligence

Objective: Assess the business and technological potential of different ideas built upon your data.


Anova teams up with a corporate partner to explore potential projects during the due diligence phase, which would lead to a go/no-go decision.  


2. Build

Objective: Get early user feedback to achieve a product-market fit

Team of data scientists and serial entrepreneurs build a minimum viable product based on the workshops with corporate.


3. Launch

Objective: Finding the first external customers.

Anova takes the lead in recruiting the startup team which will become independent after the launch. At this stage, corporate becomes the first client of the startup.


4. Scale

Objective: The co-created startup raises series A and experiences a fast-paced growth.

Corporate partner and Anova become board members of the startup.


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