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This is your start-up journey

Anova empowers entrepreneurs who want to create AI startups. 

It is now easier than ever to create your startup, but very challenging to identify a unique problem and assemble a great team. We co-create startups with corporates that want to solve an industry problem and gather a world class team of business and data experts. 

At Anova, your chances of success are higher than ever as you work on a validated problem with a team of experts!

Become an entrepreneur

At Anova we have two tracks for entrepreneurs; Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) and CEO.


EIRs are the fuel of our studio and they have an opportunity to work on multiple startup projects of our portfolio and/or find new startup opportunities for Anova. EIRs, based on their performance, can become a CEO of a portfolio startup after a pre-defined period.


CEOs are recruited after the official creation of the startup (post term sheet) so they directly embark on their startup journey with the co-created startup. 

Entrepreneur in Residence

Entrepreneur Opportunities
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