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Anova is an artificial intelligence startup studio in Paris, founded in 2016 by Jérémy Harroch, Founder of Quantmetry. At Anova, we co-create AI startups with corporate partners and provide Technical Due Diligence reports to investors. Our studio connects entrepreneurs, data experts, corporates and investors around the same goal; "building the future of AI".

Bringing the best of two worlds.

Creating innovation from data is a challenge for corporate companies. Lack of dynamic startup culture and access to tech talent restrain corporates from developing cutting edge products and services. On the other hand, innovative startups fail due to lack of access to data, customer base or sector insights. Anova breaks the barriers to innovation by bringing the strengths of corporates and startups together. 


Value add investing from seed to scale.

We co-invest in our portfolio startups along with the corporate partners. In addition to the capital investment, our team of data scientists and business developers work closely with the portfolio startups in their operations from day one. From software development to marketing, our portfolio startups benefit from a range of expertise during the company building. 


Jérémy Harroch

Managing Director of Anova

Quantmetry addresses top industry challenges using state of art algorithms.

The continuation of my vision, Anova, scales up Quantmetry's expertise to create leading AI startups.

About Us 



Alexandre Stora

Investment Director


Jérémy Harroch

Managing Director 


Pierre Le Goff

Business Developer


Maxime Patte


in Residence

QM Team.jpeg

AI experts of Quantmetry

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